Easy earnings

No staking needed

In traditional yield farming system, multiple interactions are often needed to earn rewards, which can lead to costly gas fees and reduced ROI for our stakeholders.

With Reflectiv fees are awarded by the smart contract and automatically reflected in our token holders balance.

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Improved earnings

Improved yield

Strategic addresses are blacklisted from earning fees such as the uniswap pool address or exchange wallets, so that we ensure full and fair redistribution towards our token holders.

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Fair launch

Fair launch

We've been around and know how important it is to ensure a good distribution of token holders from the beginning.
Only 1 ETH for presalers. No more, no less. Listing price same as presale price.

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The team is anonymous but has been around the space for quite some time. You can find them around various crypto-related telegram channels.

Genius marketer


Always starts the day with a GM. Means good morning for him, but God-tier Marketer for the ones who know.

Juggling work


Master organizer. Juggling calls with CZ and YFI partnerships is his daily routine.

Code monkey


Busy printing zeroes and ones. Tries to warn against notable carpet manufacturers in his spare time.